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Seamless Collaboration

With anyone, from anywhere, working in-sync with the apps you love

True collaboration is an inclusive experience. In today’s work environment, it has never been more important to connect and collaborate across the barriers that keep us apart. Webex enables secure inclusive experiences so that we can contribute and create fully no matter how, when, or where we work together. In real-time or any time, Webex enhances continuity of work, ideas, flow, or rhythm to accelerate outcomes, and just get stuff done.

During December’s Webex One virtual conference, Cisco unveiled a wide range of new capabilities a cohesive, integrated platform – the new Webex App, including Webex Calling.  Supported by new devices and virtual experiences, the new platform enables teams to collaborate seamlessly both remotely and in the office.  We’re excited to talk with you about these new capabilities.  We’ve compiled a brief overview of some of our favorite new capabilities here to get the conversation started.  Except where we’ve noted, all of these features are available today.

Seamless Collaboration – Webex App

The all new Webex brings several new features together in one easy-to-use and secure app. Team members now have even greater ability to call, message and meet with integrated presence.  Built-in intelligence enables equal experiences for everyone.  Some of the new highlights include:

  • Gestures: AI body language recognition allows everyone to participate in their own way
  • Real-time translations: removes barriers across 10 languages
  • Immersive share: share your presentation, video or application as a dynamic background with your video overlaid, for a more engaging experience (Coming March 2021)
  • Advanced video layouts: stage, stacked, side-by-side, or… slider controls to customize
  • Roundtable & quick sync meeting: templates to apply meeting formats that give everyone a chance to speak
  • Expanded event experiences: reach large audience with interactive events that scale up to 25K attendees and livestream to 100K (Coming April 2021)

Seamless Collaboration – Calling

Webex is making calling easier and more accessible than ever.  Access business calls and communications wherever you are. With the Webex app, you can combine calling, meetings, messaging and more in a single app for a fully connected collaboration experience. They’ve made it easy to start with free calling and step into their more powerful business calling solutions as your needs expand.  We are especially excited by the ability to connect “dial tone” (PSTN) to Webex.  This is a major value to small businesses.  Here are some of our favorite new tools:

  • Webex calling IVR and video on hold: rich Webex app calling experiences with video menus to simplify call routing to the resource users need and video on hold to engage users in new ways
  • Webex Calling features: Advanced UC features including set group-based calling capability
    • Call Recording (Webex Calling)
    • Semi-Consultative Transfer (Webex Calling)
    • Mobility Single Alert Support (Webex Calling)
    • Boss-Admin/Exec-Assistant calling (desktop)
  • Cisco integrated calling plans: available through Cisco channel partners
  • PSTN via Webex.com: integrated calling plan services targeted at small businesses (1-5 users US only)

Webex calling
Webex Compatible Devices

Smart Hybrid Work Experiences – Devices

Cisco announced several new devices for both your desk and your pocket.  These devices offer a wide range of collaboration flexibility, regardless of your location.  We’re particularly excited to talk about the fleet of desk devices.

  • Webex Desk Camera: up to 4K ultra-HD video with premium performance under any lighting and simple cloud management  (Coming this month)
  • Webex Desk Hub: personalized collaboration experience at any desk with easy meeting join, view messages and to-dos (Coming this summer)
  • Webex Desk: integrated all-in-one smart display for collaboration and co-creation that doubles as your primary monitor (Coming this summer)
  • Webex Wireless Phone (860 & 840 devices): rugged smartphone for frontline, on-call work styles with secure video, voice and text conversations, and extensive app integrations 

Smart Hybrid Work Experiences – Experiences

The new Cisco collaboration devices also bring a range of new features that make meetings even better, including:

  • Immersive presenter: just like immersive sharing from the all new Webex, now designed for the Webex Desk Pro built with NVIDIA technology
  • Broadcast studio from your device: use high-definition video and high-fidelity audio directly from your Webex device –no software needed
  • 5×5 grid-view on Webex devices: single-screen, cloud registered devices increase in-meeting views to up to 25 participants all on screen together
  • Virtual backgrounds: just like virtual backgrounds within the all new Webex, virtual backgrounds have been enabled directly from Webex video devices

Contact Center – Intelligent Customer Experiences with Digital First Engagement

The new Webex Contact Center is an enterprise grade, fully customizable cloud contact center platform with AI to manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.  We’re particularly excited about the integration of new text and social communication channels and the drag and drop flow control builder that allows for easy customization of your contact flows.

  • Customizable agent desktop: see customer interaction history across all channels in a single interface and add custom widgets for personalized agent experiences
  • Text (SMS) and social channels: new channels for customers to communicate with Webex Contact Center
  • Drag-and-Drop flow control builder: low code, no code flow builder allows business users to customize contact flows without IT
  • Webex Experience Management Integration: post-call survey capabilities and agent desktop gadget integrations allow agents to see historical customer feedback
  • Voice and chat virtual agents: allows customers to self serve and find answers faster with chat bots and conversation IVR
  • Microservices platform architecture: new architecture to allow for rapid deployment, maximum flexibility and increased scale
  • Open APIs: open platform to allow customers to build their own solution. (Starting with AI, adding data, media, UI)

Webex Contact Center

The Webex One event was very exciting.  Cisco gave us a raft of new collaboration and contact center capabilities.  We’d love to talk with you about how to take advantage of all these new devices and features.  Contact us today to schedule a time to review your goals and how we can bring them to fruition with these new tools.

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