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Cisco Networking Partners

NetGuys – Your Cisco Networking Partners

Users expect an immersive experience and now that IoT is mainstream, we are dependent on the wireless network more than ever. With innovations that go beyond the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, Cisco provides an end-to-end, intent-based network with interoperability and OpenRoaming for clients across wired and wireless networks that have consistent security and full network intelligence, leading to a great user experience. Cisco networks are designed with simplicity in mind for all sizes and types of customers—whether managed on-premises or from the cloud—powerful and customizable right out of the box.

Real World Networking Applications

Those in healthcare count on a dependable and strong wireless solution to help:

  • Connect caregivers and staff to information they need, when they need it
  • Enhance patient visits by providing navigation, notifications, and high-quality access for patients and guests
  • Boost productivity and streamline staff workflows while being able to locate equipment faster to deliver better care

Wireless is important to education because it:

  • Allows digital learning with an essential platform for today’s schools, allowing students to learn anywhere on any device
  • Helps ensure student safety by creating a more secure environment for students and staff
  • Improves student engagement through personalized learning, which helps improve outcomes for students
  • Provides high-quality mobile access throughout your campus via improved network performance

Cisco Networking Technology

NetGuys Service and Support


Our sales and project engineers combined have over 40 years of Cisco network installation and support experience; we’ve seen or done just about everything. What sets us apart is our passion for technology and eagerness to continually keep learning and improving. NetGuys have highly skilled network engineers and support professionals that specialize in Meraki wireless and Cisco wired network systems.

NetGuys can design, install and support your Cisco network no matter the size of your operation.