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While operational efficiency will always be a priority for contact centers, more and more are aspiring to be strategic corporate assets by contributing to revenues, improving agent performance and productivity, and increasing overall customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Cisco Webex® Contact Center provides sales and service contact center staff the ability to improve the customer experience and optimize performance with dynamic, predictive analytics. By leveraging the data in multiple contact center systems and applying predictive analytics, Cisco® Webex Contact Center dynamically predicts each customer’s needs and matches the customer with the best agent to handle that need, improving performance, sales, and the customer experience. The Cisco Webex Contact Center is a unified, omnichannel contact center solution that is centrally managed and administered from the cloud to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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Real World Contact Center Applications

Predict every potential customer’s interests and provide service accordingly

  • Match each customer with the best agent for that particular customer
  • Identify your best-performing sales teams, based on objective, statistical data
  • Make the right offers to the right customers to increase sales, upsells, and cross-sells

Anticipate your customers’ service needs at each stage of their customer journey

  • Proactively meet customer service needs
  • Service customers in context for improved customer satisfaction
  • Optimize your processes with customer journey analytics withe a 360-degree view

Cisco Contact Center Technology

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Our sales and project engineers combined have over 40 years of Cisco Unified Communications experience; we’ve seen or done just about everything. What sets us apart is our passion for technology and eagerness to continually keep learning and improving. NetGuys have highly skilled Unified Communications engineers that specialize in Cisco Voice, Contact Center, Video and Expressway.

NetGuys can design, install and support your Cisco Webex contact center system no matter the size of your operation.