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NetGuys Cisco Calling Success Story

Centennial School District

Smoother Calling Operations for Centennial School District

Centennial School District 12 is the K-12 school district serving several communities in the northern Twin Cities metro area. With nine exceptional schools serving more than 6,600 students, Centennial offers a track record of academic success combined with a consistent district-wide drive for improvement. Annually, Centennial students score significantly higher than the state averages in reading and math. The district’s high school graduation rate of 94.9% is at the top of Minnesota’s rankings.

Project Background and Objectives

Centennial School District hoped to reduce overall calling costs as well as improve system performance and reliability by purchasing the Cisco Flex Enterprise Agreement calling plan. 

Key Business Goals

  • Reduce system management cost
  • Harmonize user experiences
  • Improve voice quality

Unique hurdles

  • Multiple network and calling environments, creating compatibility and quality issues
  • Unpredictable costs of license and system management
  • Extra costs associated with annual license renewal process

The NetGuys Provided The Connection

The NetGuys deployed a simplified Cisco calling model taking advantage of the Cisco Flex Enterprise Agreement that provides a consistent technology offering for users on an organization-wide basis. This deployment model gives access to all users to the latest calling technologies and features regardless of their location or device. The new Flex system simplifies management, provides ongoing support and gives access to productive technologies.

Cisco Flex Enterprise Agreement

Simplified license management and reliable performance

Cisco’s On-Premises Calling and Flex Enterprise Agreement offer the reliability and familiar interface of your on-premise system for end users and the convenience of a simplified license for your IT department.

Centennial School District Business Outcomes

Financial Gains

$10,000 reduction in spending from eliminated overage charges.  Annual renewal process eliminated.

Operating Gains

System utilization now fully deployed throughout the District, offering a consistent user experience and fewer help desk calls.

Built-in Expansion

As the District grows, all new hires will have access to the full suite of calling features, thanks to built-in system growth allowances.

Staff Happiness

All users now use Cisco Calling for a consistent and improved experience.

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