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NetGuys' Anthony Holloway Publishes Cisco Phone Controller Browser Add-on

New Firefox Add-on Enables Remote Cisco Phone Control

Our own Cisco Contact Center VIP, Anthony Holloway, recently published his remote Cisco Call Manager phone controller as a free Firefox add-on.  The add-on allows administrators to remotely connect with, troubleshoot and modify Cisco IP phones from anywhere.  With many companies supporting on-premise and remote workers, remote control of on-premise phones is increasingly important.

This add-on gives administrators the ability to access a variety of device information, including call data, settings, current display images and more.  Administrators can access phone controls, with single-use “owner” access.  The controller uses a series of http:// instructions to send commands to the phone.  Command options include, button pushes, phone setting updates, call dialing and more.

Anthony developed the initial version of his controller 10 years ago and used it to manage support requests from clients.  With work-from-home rules affecting more clients, Anthony realized that the add-on could empower phone system admins to manage their networks remotely.  Cisco has long supported Firefox as a system admin browser, making it a logical choice for the creation of a add-on version of the controller.

Anthony is excited to share the add-on with administrators around the world.  He has made it available as a free, open source tool.  It is available here, in the Firefox add-on store. The code and documentation are also available via Anthony’s GitHub account. The controller has gotten rave reviews in its early days of availability, including an independent walk-through and review on YouTube.

Anthony is a widely-recognized Cisco expert.  He’s been the top-rated Contact Center Forum volunteer for 8 years running!  He recently became one of the first 500 people globally to obtain Cisco’s newest Certification – DevNet Associate – and is a permanent member of the DevNet500 program.  Congratulations, Anthony, and thank you for your continued service to the Cisco user community.  We’re proud that you’re one of the NetGuys!