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How should I move to the cloud?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, rest assured that you’re not the only one. The cloud powers better collaboration, reduces TCO on hardware and takes the burden of equipment maintenance and upgrades off your internal teams. As the cloud becomes the new business standard, many global businesses are considering taking the plunge and moving their enterprises from on-premise technology to the cloud.

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When should I start?

There’s no hard and fast rule for when to start your cloud migration, but some opportune times include:

  • Your support contract is ending soon. Transition periods are a great time to take on a new initiative without being tied down by restrictive contracts.
  • Your technology is obsolete or falling behind. Rather than spend on new equipment or upgrades, this is a great time to switch to an opex collaboration model where you pay for the technology and leave the ownership and maintenance up to a cloud provider.
  • You’re considering a work from home model. With a remote work setup, the cloud eliminates the need for office space rent.

Like other manufacturing companies, you are likely looking for new, cost-effective ways to stay competitive. A move to the cloud with the right solution and partner can help you achieve that goal, and collaboration tools are a great place to start.

Global Connectivity in the Cloud

Today’s global manufacturing enterprise is fast-paced and extremely diverse. Most are not limited to a single or even a small number of geographic locations. In a widespread and growing environment, how do you ensure that your employees and suppliers can connect and collaborate? Should you move to the cloud?

Many manufacturers are finding that their teams need to be empowered with robust calling capabilities that are not limited to geographic boundaries. As cloud technology advances, cloud-based collaboration solutions are becoming the superior choice for empowering team communication, innovation and connectivity – especially for dispersed and global environments.

Further, now that cloud collaboration technology is equal to or better than on-premise solutions, more businesses are becoming willing to make the switch – especially as their on-premise technology becomes obsolete.

Cisco Webex is a top solution in the industry for its security, high quality and robust capabilities. Let’s take a look at why so many manufacturers prefer Webex.

Webex for Manufacturing

The Cisco Webex collaboration suite (Teams, Calling and Meetings) offers voice calling, video, conferencing and messaging with secure global connectivity. It provides robust and user-friendly calling capabilities that can improve supplier and partner relationships and connect teams with new and innovative collaboration capabilities.

Webex’s cloud collaboration suite also enables you to bring in the talent you need, no matter where they are, to improve innovation and efficiency. Additionally, it allows you to locate and collaborate with the experts quicker, which reduces travel costs and equipment downtime.

Cisco Webex Flex Plan

Cisco’s Webex Flex Plan is a popular choice for manufacturers, as it offers industry-leading collaboration tools under a single subscription-based offer. If you already have Cisco’s on-premise collaboration tools like Cisco Unified Communication Manager, the Webex Flex Plan allows you to easily transition what you want to the cloud at your own pace. Move a site here or some video units there, all on your own schedule. As you grow and want to add new services, the Webex Flex plan makes that easy as well.

We recently helped MTS Systems, a supplier of test, simulation and measurement systems, migrate its collaboration solution to the cloud while improving its global connectivity security with the Webex Flex Plan. After migrating to the cloud with Webex, MTS Systems cut its monthly spending by 25% and its customer response time by 50%.  Check out the case study to learn more.

Working With Cloud Experts

The Net Guys is an advanced managed service provider that will give your business the engineering expertise and customer support it needs to make it easier for you to manage your business. We have years of expertise in collaboration solutions and cloud migrations. With our deployment methodology, we will ensure that users understand exactly how to use the products and their capabilities so they can concentrate on what they do best.

To learn more about moving your collaboration capabilities to the cloud, download our free guide, Cloud Collaboration for Manufacturers.

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