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Webex Cloud-Connected Unified Communication (CCUC)

The bridge to the cloud

The connectivity, flexibility, and adaptability of cloud services are major enablers of workplace transformation. For businesses that need a global, single-pane-of-glass view of systems operations, but still want to keep their Cisco® Unified Communications Manager (UCM) calling infrastructure on-premises, Cisco Webex® Cloud-Connected UC provides the best of both worlds.

Webex Cloud-Connected UC offers a centralized, global administrative view of your Cisco unified communications applications deployment.  Webex Control Hub dashboards enable you to review, assess, and manage the operation of your on-premise calling system.

Analytics, troubleshooting, adoption and administration in a “single-pane-of-glass”

Cloud-Connected UC breathes life into your investment in Call Manager with visibility and management through Webex Control Hub.  Initial features include:

  • Quality-of-service analytics, for service improvements
  • Endpoint and headset usage adoption, for usage trends
  • Performance and capacity utilization, for planning
  • Asset utilization recommendations, for optimization
  • Support for visualization, with dynamic drill-down data filtering
  • Historical analytics dashboards

How does it work?

Webex Cloud-Connected UC is a Cisco cloud subscription service that provides a centralized, administrative single-pane view of the entire Cisco unified communications deployment.  It is Included for free with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Enterprise Agreement and Named User.

The service is enabled through a cloud plugin connecting on-premises Cisco UC apps and servers to the Webex cloud, with dashboard access through the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Webex calling

Getting Started with Cloud-Connected UC

Setting up Webex Cloud-Connected UC is quick and painless.  The NetGuys engineering team can have your on-premise calling infrastructure delivering performance data in no time.  The key steps in the setup process that we’ll perform are:

  • Setting up the license
  • Preparing connections through your firewall (Port opening, URL whitelisting, proxy set-up, etc.)
  • Installing software agent on designated nodes
  • Enabling the connection from nodes to Webex Control Hub
  • Testing and verifying the connections
  • Customizing your dashboard to deliver the data you need quickly and easily


Cisco has drafted a blog post that goes into great detail on the how-tos and capabilities of the new Cisco Webex Cloud-Connected UC.

Start your journey to the cloud today

Contact the NetGuys to schedule a demo and learn more about how Cisco Webex Cloud-Connected UC can help you get the most from your on-premise calling infrastructure.