Five Questions to Ask When Upgrading Your Small Business Phone.

System Five Questions


It's easy to get overwhelmed in a small-business phone system market that's crowded with options - from low-cost basic solutions to expensive enterprise-level platforms packed with bells and whistles that your organization might not even need. So how can you ensure your next system is the best match for your needs and budget? By asking a few pointed questions.

1. Is it easy to manage?

Your new phone system shouldn't require a full IT team to keep it running. Take a look at the system's back-end management to ensure that upkeep requires minimal effort. Need to add new lines, change extensions, reset passwords, and other day-to-day tasks? Those should be a breeze, as well.

2. Are setup and personalization quick?

Speedy installation means little or no downtime for your critical business communications. Also, confirm that the phone system can be customized quickly to meet any particular needs that your small business may have.

3. Is it priced for small-business budgets?

Find a phone system that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Remember to factor in reliability and maintenance (think gas mileage and oil changes for car ownership) to get a better picture of the total cost of ownership.

4. Can your small business phone system grow with you?

You want a system that can scale as your business evolves. Look for subscription licensing plans that simplify adding capacity with software upgrades. Upgrading to a larger system? Double-check that you can use the same IP phones.

5. Will you be supported by a trusted communications vendor?

Your communications platform is how your employees interact with customers and partners. Make sure your investment is well-spent by selecting a trusted industry leader with experience providing reliable communications and one that will be in your corner for many years to come.