Eric Zolnosky, CCIE No. 46636

Happy Anniversary To Us

This newsletter marks a tremendous milestone for NetGuys. March 2017 makes it five years since we started our company. According to the Small Business Administration, it's interesting to note that half of all small businesses fail within the first five years. With that said, we would like to express our sincere thanks to so many who have helped make the last five years a reality:

To our customers - thank you! We value your trust and commitment to our team. For those customers who have been with us since the beginning, we cannot express how much that means to us. We are so grateful for the business and we look forward to striving to new heights together.

To our partners - thank you! You continue to spread the good word about NetGuys and the care we bring to each and every task. Without our strong relationship with you, continued trust, and mutual respect, we would not have made it this far.

To the NetGuys team - thank you! You have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to our core values of C.I.P. (Caring, Integrity, and Passion). You have exhibited a level of commitment to customers that sets the bar extremely high for other companies. All of the sacrifices you've made to help NetGuys become a success have truly made a difference and are greatly appreciated.