Dave Lilligren

Why Support Is Important to Me

My primary role with The Netguys is to manage our service team, with access to internal engineering resources that would be any manager’s dream. The experience and Cisco knowledge of our engineers that is available to our customers is off the charts.

But engineering excellence isn’t the key to the success of our support team, believe it or not. I believe the reason we see such a high level of customer satisfaction with our support services is due to our commitment to our company’s core values of Caring, Integrity and Passion.

I personally see “Caring” as the core value that is most evident when providing support for our customers. You see, when we are working on your network or Cisco Unified Communications implementation, we take matters very personally. We actually look at your network as if it is our own, and your problems then become our problems. I guess you could call that “empathy,” but the bottom line is that we’re not happy until you’re happy. Couple this attitude with Integrity and Passion, and we WILL see your support issue to its successful resolution.

We have a saying around here – “It’s all about relationships.” And the cornerstone of our relationships with our customers is the ongoing work of our support team. You see, we actually LIKE our customers! And we know that our success as a company is directly tied to the business success of our customers.

And this business success depends upon a sound and optimal Cisco infrastructure. We realize that every minute your network or Unified Communications implementation is not working properly, our customer may be losing valuable production time (and money). Because of this awareness, we will always strive to get your Cisco infrastructure back to where it needs to be.

While I believe that it is our core values that drive our success, it cannot be denied that The Netguys have been blessed with amazing engineering resources. At a minimum, all of our engineers are certified at the CCNP (professional) level, plus we currently have three CCIE’s employed at The Netguys. Couple these certifications with over a century of combined Cisco experience, and our customers have access to resources that will always get the job done.

We have another saying around here – “Git ‘r done.” Because of our internal engineering resources and a genuine commitment to our customers, at the end of the day it can truly be said of us: “They got ‘r done.”