Imagine losing access to all of your data, only to find out you are being extorted by criminals who require payment to get it back. These attacks have cut across every industry – healthcare, education, finance – and are driving a flurry of questions about what is the right response.

Ransomware has quickly become the most profitable cybercrime in the industry. No matter who you are, you're a target.

Don’t let an attack sidetrack your business. Cisco Umbrella can protect you from the DNS layer to your email to your endpoint.

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Over 40 years of Cisco Unified Communications experience

Cisco Umbrella is a best-of-breed security solution at the DNS layer designed for companies that need protection against ransomware and to properly secure their off-network users when they are off VPN.

Cisco paid $635 million to acquire OpenDNS to be the foundation of their Cloud Security Portfolio. Here's why:

Defeats Ransomware: Umbrella prevents botnets from calling home to Command & Control infrastructures, rendering them useless, as they are unable to give or receive instructions.

Off-Network Protection: Umbrella offers identical protection to on and off-network users, by forcing DNS traffic through our servers no matter what. This means that your users will be secure when they leave the “castle walls” that your on-premises firewall/ SWG provides, even when they turn off their VPN.

DNS Visibility & Enforcement: Umbrella provides visibility and security to a blind spot attackers are increasingly exploiting.

No Added Latency: We are not a proxy, and are the fastest public DNS provider in North America.

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Over 40 years of Cisco Unified Communications experience

We Are, NetGuys!

Cisco Partner providing Cisco Collaboration (VOIP/Video), Routing/Switching, Wireless and Security solutions in the Twin Cities and worldwide.

Who Are NetGuys?

Who Are NetGuys?

NetGuys opened up for business in the Spring of 2012, with the intent of providing the highest degree of engineering support focused on Cisco Technologies. We started with two engineers and grew to 9 in under 4 years by always putting the customers' interests first. It was never our intention to put a priority on the bottom line, but rather to make relationships our focus. We believe that when our commitment is to our customers and employees first and foremost, the rest will take care of itself. Alignment with our core values (Caring, Integrity and Passion) is a requirement when hiring new employees. NetGuys has built a foundation on engineering excellence and will continue to responsibly grow the team as our customers' needs evolve.

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