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You may have been thinking about switching to cloud collaboration. How much time have you and your team spent maintaining your on-premise solution? How many long nights trying to upgrade with only semi-successful results?

If you’re tired of the issues that come with on-premise solutions, you’re not the only one. Many manufacturers are making the switch to cloud-based collaboration tools to eliminate the tedious maintenance, outdated features and iffy quality of their legacy solutions. Most are finding that cloud collaboration’s features and benefits far outweigh their old on-premise solutions.

Cloud collaboration relieves the burden and costs of maintenance and upgrades, eases the transition to the cloud and offers high-quality calling with a lower demand on internal resources for upkeep.

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Maintenance and Upgrades are a Breeze

With a cloud-based collaboration system, the provider owns the equipment and is responsible for all its maintenance and upgrades. This saves your teams time, energy and, often, money. 

Cisco Webex is a popular cloud-based solution for manufacturers. In addition to handling maintenance for you, Cisco Webex comes with access to Cisco’s knowledge base for as long as you have your subscription.

Transition From On-Premise to the Cloud With Cisco Flex Plan

Collaboration licensing in the past has been a maze of confusion. Cisco has changed all of this with its Flex Plan for Webex. A Flex Plan Agreement allows you to have a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions. This gives you flexibility and allows you to migrate to the cloud at your own pace. Further, it is simple to manage and easy to navigate. You always know what you have and when you might need more.

Global Calling and Connectivity

When you have teams, suppliers and customers all over the world, you need to be able to talk to them, and make sure they can talk to each other. One of the reasons Webex is a favorite among manufacturers is for its ability to keep those sites connected reliably with its global market availability and PSTN connectivity. Wherever your sites are located, you can bet that Cisco has PSTN connectivity there. Additionally, you have the option of using your own router or SBC and PSTN connection.

Monitoring and Analytical Tools with Service Assurance

Another feature that comes with Cisco Webex is Service Assurance, which is a set of tools that help Cisco, customers and partners manage, deploy and troubleshoot your cloud deployment. These tools give you great analytics that help you see what you need in your deployment. All of these features, along with all of the calling and conferencing features you’ll ever need, are part of the Cisco Webex solution.

Partner With an Expert in Cloud Deployment

Are you ready to take that step into the cloud? Like other manufacturing companies, you may be looking for new ways to stay competitive that are also cost-effective. A move to the cloud with the right solution and partner can help you achieve that goal. It may also help free up your staff with the time and resources they need to concentrate on your business. Having the right partner in this endeavor can really make the difference.

The Net Guys is an advanced managed services provider that will give your business the engineering expertise and customer support it needs to make it easier for you to manage your business. Our goal is to dispel any misconceptions that Cisco products and software are too complex for businesses like yours. With our cloud deployment methodology, we will ensure that users understand exactly how to use the products and their capabilities so that it is second nature and they can concentrate on what they do best.

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